Whakaahuru – The Gentle Singers sing for palliative care patients in the Wellington region (Wellington through to Porirua and Hutt Valley). Our service includes two kinds of singing: singing regularly for residents in rest homes and hospices; and bedside singing for individual patients on a request basis.


  • By request, we sing in a small group (three to four singers) at the bedside of individual patients. We visit patients wherever they are – at home, in a hospice, hospital or rest home. Our request sings vary greatly depending on circumstances. It is our experience that every sing is unique, just like the person we're singing for. We could sing just one song or two, or we might sing for quite a while. The songs can be soothing or uplifting, depending on the needs of the patient, family and caregivers.
  • At regular scheduled visits to rest homes and hospices, we sing at bedsides and in public spaces (lounges, reception rooms and sometimes corridors). We also sing at local hospice remembrance services. The number of singers might be 8-10 for these regular visits.

It isn’t necessary to applaud us or even acknowledge that we're there, we don't require introductions or thanks. We’re trained to be sensitive to the needs of those present, and respond accordingly.