We sing a variety of New Zealand and “world music”. Our songs have been chosen because they create an atmosphere of soothing contemplation or are gently uplifting. They are often simple, sometimes chant-like or repetitive, to allow listeners to relax into them and enjoy each successive wave of sound.


We’re happy to attend a request sing with a variety of songs ready to share. It helps us to select suitable songs from our repertoire if we know something about the person for whom we are to sing, for example: Where they come from, their particular spiritual practice, anything they particularly don’t want to hear.


  • We sing several popular and simple waiata, for example Purea Nei, Te Aroha, Ka Waita
  • We sing several songs written specifically for this work, including repertoire from the US Threshold Choirs, and some composed specifically for Whakaahuru – The Gentle Singers.
  • Some songs are well-known: Brahms Lullaby or Crimond (Psalm 23).
  • Some songs are drawn from “world music” sources, particularly Eastern European and African – they're love songs, healing songs or lullabies.
  • We reference universal and diverse religious sources and sing songs from the Jewish, Christian and other spiritual traditions, where these are appropriate for those for whom we sing.


Here are some short excerpts of songs that we sing:


  •  Birds at the Dawning
  • Suo Gan
  • May the Soft Light
  • Famba Naye
  • Seothin, Seotho
  • How Could Anyone Ever Tell You