To request a sing for yourself or someone you’re caring for, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving your full contact details, or phone 022 355 6954. We’ll respond promptly to discuss how we can provide our service. 


We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the comfort of those who are dying, through song. As singers, we experience a deep sense of gratitude and privilege to be present at this sacred time and in this sensitive and special time.


Our Policy regarding photographs, video or audio recording of our singers

We understand that family, patients and/or caregivers might want a photo or recording of our singing that can be shared with others, or watched again later. We find it very distracting for our work if we're being photographed or video'd while we're singing. A casual recording (on a phone, for instance) or a photo before or after our singing can be appropriate, but please discuss this with the group leader who will contact you to organise our visit. In addition, permission must be sought from the patient (or next of kin) and any other people present who might be in the picture.It's important to us that these recordings/photos are used only by patients and those close to them, and not shared on social media.